The YOUTH Table: Knowledge is Power


We praise God for the opportunity to share about the work he has commissioned us to do in the villages of Eastern Uganda. Working under Our umbrella organization (Crusades international Africa Outreach Ministries), we are involved in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his word, love through Action as we build communities. Working through our local Church ( New Hope Church Uganda) we do weekly school outreaches, take care of Orphan’s and the elderly, run a school that doubles as an orphanage of close to 500 children (Not all Orphans).

During the school breaks, we carry out outreaches that engage the women, youth and the children directly. Unfortunately these people groups are completely neglected by the church here, so there is zero direction or focus on helping them develop a life and lifestyle that Glorifies God. During this school break, we started a youth forum called “The YOUTH Table”, and the whole idea was for us to engage the youth in a new way. Rather than us holding conferences and piling information in them, we wanted to harness information out of them. So every Friday during the school breaks, we gather them together, and start off by playing sports, card games, board games etc, and then at 4pm, we sit down for Tea and a question and answer session.

The agenda is driven by the youth, and every question they ask is answered by the panel of Christian leaders, in the business sector, political sector, Educators, Pastors, Artists etc. This Holiday, we have been able to Host Her Worship The Deputy Mayor or Mbale Mrs. Hariet Kakai, international leaders like Christine Walusimbi from the USA, Pastors Alex & Lizzie Walusimbi among others who all have shared their wealth of experiences. The YOUTH Table seeks to empower the youth by tapping into their God given potential, we are spotting youth who have the abilities to leader others, youth that have a passion and potential for doing business, youth who have a passion to serve others, youth who have unique talents and gifts etc. We are going to pair them with specific mentors to help them develop further their potential as we raise a generation of world changers.


The Majority of these youth come from broken families, the family structure in the villages has been broken due to deaths (Child headed homes), polygamy (1 man 3 wives), so there is an urgent need for role models for the next generation. During the third term holiday, we are going to be holding extensive workshops in music, working with Christian Artists and instrumentalists to teach the youth on how to develop their talents. We will be launching a book club using the thousands of books that have been secured by our pastors from the US to create a reading culture.

Books open up new worlds of imagination, develop creative thinking skills to solve the problems they are facing economically and spiritually. We will also begin the first ever technology house with computers donated from the USA, were we will task the youth to create computer apps for example to map out their villages, apps to help with agriculture, apps to show leadership structures on all levels, business apps, data collection apps etc.

The 4 years we have spent in the villages of kibuku district so far have already produced an incredible success. We have consistently taught in scripture unions, held workshops and mentorship programs. Many of the youth who had no knowledge of life outside their small villages have been able to travel around the nation, some we have sent to colleges, others are upcoming musicians, business men and women, aspiring doctors and lawyers.

It is amazing what God can do in the lives of his people if we take Matthew 28 seriously. All power and Authority was given to our Lord and Savior, and the next thing he said was go out therefore and make disciples through out the ends of the earth.this is our guiding principle, knowing that if we go he will send his power that transforms through his authority. We have tangible testimonies of God’s power transforming lives in these villages. All the glory and honor goes back to him and him alone.

CI- Africa Outreach Ministries
Ronald Walusimbi. ■