Kampala’s trendy one stop shop For your footwear


Sebago Shirt & Trousers. Wilvorst Jacket From Knights Kampala. Model : Kakulu Ivan

If you like trendy, fashionable and comfortable things, there is a new companion in town. This is where your next love affair begins. It’s where to get that head-turning look. If you’re into quality, this will no doubt be your next stop for your best buy. When we speak quality, we are talking seventy years of dressing the world and crafting the best clothes from only the best fabric and footwear – handmade! So whether you are stepping out for a brunch with your friends at your favourite Kampala joint or you are in need of that everyday office look that is vibrant and not boring, The Sebago Footwear is the ultimate choice. Are you looking to take over the outdoors for a hike, a bicycle ride, a walk in the park or the botanical garden around Entebbe?

The Sebago Footwear comes in various designs for both men and women from flats, boots to boat shoes. It’s a combination of well thought out designs, winning colours and to top it all off, comfort.

With the hustle and bustle of Kampala, a comfortable shoe definitely tops the list when you need to run those errands, get around the office or just get out and about in the city. You can also pair your different Sebago item with some of the pieces you have in your closet for that personalised look.

Don’t take my word for it! A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Take a peak below as we show you how to pair your different Sebago look for the ultimate show out!