Victoria Aine: I Defied Culture to Succeed


She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she hails from a humble family background of traditional nomads. In summary, she grew up caged between negativity and anxiety. However, her background didn’t deter her from attaining education, a milestone that has seen her change lives of many Ugandans especially the youth.

Victoria Akakikunda Aine has become an inspired psychotherapist, having started Healing Point International in 2014 to provide a one size fits all solutions to men and women at tipping points in their social and emotional lives. Akakikunda popularly known by her first name (Victoria) is also the brain behind Bloom Magazine, an inspiration and development magazine you’re reading now. In this story, Victoria shares her vision to help you get a fulfilling life by empowering you to excel. Read on!

Everyone ought to believe in themselves; to have a positive mind; to dream and know their purpose in life”.

The 4th child in a family of six, Victoria went to Kawanda Primary School in Sembabule District, Mary Hill High School in Mbarara District for Ordinary Level and St. Lawrence College Paris-Palais in Mpigi District for Advanced Level.

Victoria A. Aine, Director Healing Point International

Given her background, there’s no doubt Victoria just like her name is a winner but this didn’t come on a silver platter. “I grew up in a typical impoverished African setting where the boy rather than the girl child is given attention and facilitated through life even where the girl would be more promising,”.

“This made me to desire to change this unfortunate situation by working hard to become an inspiration for the girls and to ‘dismantle’ these cultural and traditional abnormalities.”

However, Victoria knew that the problem was not with the boys and neither with the parents, but generally a society that is inflicted with fears, anxieties and injustices visited in people’s lives by value systems that are ruthless and selfish.


Victoria is optimistic that the above society injustices can be eliminated through spiritual and emotional healing of both men and women. “Society can be motivated to see life differently and to value everyone created in God’s image”. Victoria says that men and women need to be empowered to re-ignite hope in them and to succeed at any level. “This is what persuaded me to start Healing Point International (HPI) in 2014”.

HPI is an organization that offers counseling and social support programs to men and women; boys and girls who are troubled with the murky waters of life. According to Victoria, HPI ( is a social platform where total healing and restoration should happen. “We inspire and heal broken spirits and broken hearts”.

“At HPI, we know that if someone feels they are valued and loved, it heals their brokenness. Many people develop deadly diseases out of stress and troubles of life but with appropriate counseling like we are offering, this should reduce,” says Victoria who also expresses her joy with the massive response from the public for their services.

“We are offering ourselves to support everyone hurting with a shoulder to lean on, because a problem shared is a problem half solved. We revive hope, create new energy and provide Christ-centered life solutions and goals.

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Victoria explains that she was inspired to start Healing Point following her life-long zeal to become a motivational speaker and to talk about society injustices and address the immense brokenness afflicting society today. She nevertheless extracts her drive for emotional healing from her formative days, when as a little girl, she was deeply inspired and moved to speak life and motivation to anything that she would come by.

She is motivated by her parents who are her main inspiration for starting Healing Point International. “My Dad defied society odds to educate and empower the girl child and Mum exhibited resilience and determination as an African mother to pray for and support me”. She is also inspired by Oprah Winfrey, a little ‘colored girl’ who grew up with her grand-mother from a deeply impoverished family in Mississippi in the United States of America to became one of the World’s most influential women of all time.

Orprah Winfrey an Inspiration to Victoria. Our backgrounds should never be a limitation for our success say Victoria.