God is changing your season – Pr Wilson Bugembe


The Bible references new changes and beginnings in our lives as being seasons. Seasons are metaphors for God’s perfect timing in delivering us through all the changes He makes in our lives. It’s very representation of newness stirs up changes in our souls. This is what Wilson Bugembe has shared with his online audience and believers at Light the World Church Nansana.

The Preacher who doubles as a gospel singer took to social media Monday morning saying that through a dream, someone he knew very well, that doesn’t like him, was giving him a car for a gift.

“I asked him; Why? He said; Forget the past, things have changed, Bugembe wrote.

“As I woke up to pray two days go, the Holy Spirit reminded me in a vision; I saw a big plantation of corn/maize that was too dry, It looked like its season was over. In the same soil I saw a new breed of maize sprouting out!” He said.

“I hear a new season, a new chapter, a new beginning, Change is coming. We serve a God who controls the time and seasons. He makes everything beautiful in His time. Ecc 3:11.” Pr Bugembe wrote.

“You are entering a season where every rain, every problem, every challenge, every enemy, by the time they are done, it will live you better, wiser, cleaner and stronger, but not muddy. Psalms 40:2.”

“Tears will dry and even your enemies will bring gifts, God will favour your before Egyptians. Nothing you will lay hands on today that the good Lord will not bless.”

“The beggar will become a blessing to the poor. Tables are changing. Something good is about to happen to someone’s life. Your tears will be dried up. People can be mighty but God is Almighty! The sinners can become saints when you repent. As far as east is from the west, the Lord throws out sin away.” He added.

Every day we can make the decision to begin again. We can adopt a positive mindset to overcome, conquer, and live triumphantly.

All beginnings must eventually come to an end so a new beginning, a new season, can commence. We need to take the opportunity to look ahead at what can be and forget the what-might-have-beens.