Are You Sacrificing Your Health For Your Work?


It is animals that live to eat. Humans eat to live so they spend more time creating other things of their lives. However, life is not all about work because no one will ever finish the business of this world. Everyone should know that we are just adding value to life and we will never be the value ourselves because we get extinct and lose any value irrespective of the great contributions we made or wealth we possessed. Everybody has to work. In doing so, we are supporting ourselves, our families and our need for purpose and if we are lucky; fulfillment. Yet statistics show that there is a dangerous inability to not only know when to switch off from work, but to understand how we might be affecting our health by working too much and not living a balanced life.

Instead of saying “I will stay at work until this is done” perhaps say “I will get the hardest parts of this done now, then when I come back to it in the morning, it will be a breeze to finish”.

Here are some signs you might be working too much:

  • Poor interpersonal relationships: Your relationships with family and friends have become a bit distant. You have little time to spend with them. When you finally go out with them or have a meal with them, your anxious mind cannot stop thinking about work-related stuff. Such stress puts a barrier between you and your loved ones.
  • Have to bring unfinished work home: You are unable to differentiate between work time and leisure time as your workload increases. You cannot stop thinking about your work even if you’re on vacation.
  • Always feel tired: You may have difficulty waking up in the morning, have an over-reliance on coffee, or find it hard to concentrate. You feel like you’re at least 10 years older in just one year.
  • Dominated by negative thoughts: Your thought process has become agitated and stressed. Small things can irritate you though you don’t want to be like that.
  • Lower level of satisfaction: You may find it harder to feel satisfied in the things that you used to. Those things lack their colors and you sometimes doubt the meaning of your whole life.
  • Easily frustrated: You are easily irritated and feel frustrated with many things.